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Our Mission

We are innovative thinkers and providers of right-sized, client-focused, professional IT & programming solutions.


In today’s digital atmosphere, you must create ways to generate, receive and distribute your data quickly and effectively. RDG Information Systems analyzes your existing business systems and future business goals to add critical functionality or even completely re-engineer your business information systems with the goal of improving efficiency and effectiveness - Giving you the competitive edge in our fast-paced world.


To effectively compete in today's business environment, companies need to be able to react to real-time, changing information and analyze it in the context of historical data. Business partners and customers are consuming data in larger and larger quantities. We integrate your business data from multiple sources like web services, data warehouses, devices and enable you to deliver real-time and historical data via dashboards, social media, "Internet of Things" (IoT) and more. We provide customized programming to give your company the tools you need to run your modern business clean, fast and efficiently, giving you advantages needed to thrive in the modern marketplace.


We provide expert consultation and quality solutions for your organization. RDG Information Systems was founded by a military veteran and established based on strong principles and ethical standards. We give you "right-sized" services and products, Information Technology/Information Systems (IT/IS) that fit your needs and requirements. You can trust us with your business success in this Transformative Age.

Core Capabilities

Multi-value & Multi-dimensional (NoSQL) Database Development

We have decades of experience working with multivalue databases (MVDBMS). If you have a legacy codebase built in mvBase, mvEnterprise, PI/Open, or other Pick-based DBMS, there is no reason to discard years of business logic and data. We also custom development in modern MVDBMS (Universe, UniData, D3, jBase, QM, OpenQM) and can aide in refreshing/refacing and interfacing existing systems to the latest technologies.

Python Development & Business Intelligence Integration

Python excels at working with large and complex data sets. Python is one of the top programming languages for automation, data science, business intelligence and analytics. We can assist in implementing two-way data exchanges between modern business intelligence and analytic packages and your established systems with historical data. In addition, we can use python to automate time consuming tasks.

Mobile App Development

Utilizing native development for iOS and Android we are capable of utilizing the latest technologies to create custom, flexible applications that connect customers to your existing data systems. Combining this with our server-level development skills, we can also expand your available services to provide an expanded palette of services to satisfy your users' needs.

Custom Application Development

Our breadth of experience enables us to be your point of contact for almost any programming or development project. We have staff that can work in C/C++/C#/Objective-C, Java, Swift, Python, .NET, PHP and Shell Scripting. We can even work in legacy programming languages like Fortran and Pascal. Although we naturally use a DevOps-style of program management, we are perfectly able to integrate with any other program/project management strategy, whether it's Agile, Kanban, Waterfall, etc.

Web Development

Specializing in integrating modern web front-ends to established data-driven systems. We also design and develop user-focused web front-ends connected to custom industry standard SQL database systems or cost-effective, low maintenance multivalue databases.

Web Services & APIs

We create application specific and interface to existing web services to enable your business to communicate across public and private networks. We have experience providing and consuming SOAP, RESTful and other Application Programming Interfaces (API) over HTTP(S), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

XML, JSON, EDI & Custom Data Exchange Formats

Modern data is rarely simple or flat. It's often complex and nested. Plus, your data is almost assuredly not organized the same way your business partners' data is organized. These are the problems that XML, JSON, & EDI based APIs solve. Also in today's business environment, it is rare that any business operates in isolation. We can implement almost any standard data exchange format, or develop a custom protocol to enable effective server-to-server communication with your trading partners, access cloud-based services, etc.

Secure Intranet & Extranet Communications

There is little reason to be limited to the built-in functionality and interfaces of the ERP/SIS used by your organization. We can add additional functionality, interfaces and web services to ERPs and SISs. For example: Ellucian's (formerly Datatel) Colleague & Benefactor, Epicor, DataWorks, Avanté, InterSystems, MUMPS, IRIS For Healthcare Suite, etc.

Government Contracting

Registered with the Federal Government Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE), System for Award Management (SAM) and Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) systems. Capable of being Prime or Sub- contractor. Certified Small-Business and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB). Please contact us for a Capability Statement and supported NAICS Codes.

Let's Work Together

We'd love to hear from you if you feel our skills match your needs, or just have a unique project. We can help you catch-up on projects that are running behind or other technical debt, develop and hand-off a unique project, or provide full-cycle, cradle-to-grave service for any sized project.